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Frequently Asked Questions

What public IP does a client go out with?

815Gateway offers several nat possibilities, from doing optimized dynamic nat, 1-to-many nat, 1-to-1 nat, direct public on client cpe, netmap, etc. Depending on the availability of public IPs that the ISP has, it seeks to optimize the allocation of this resource in the best way.

Can I easily open ports?

Ports can be easily forwarded, as well as being assigned based on subscriber name, which ensures that if any configuration changes are made, the forwarding will still work. The firewall allows you to easily allow or block connections in one way or another.

How do I assign a public IP to a client?

If the isp has enough public ip addresses, 815Gateway can route publics directly to subscribers without doing any nat.

Can I put 815Gateway in the cloud?

815Gateway is software that is installed on hardware, and that hardware becomes a router. This router has to be between the subscribers and the border router to maximize benefits and make the best possible management of resources, that is, to take advantage of all the benefits of the solution, the bandwidth must pass through the equipment over which 815Gateway is executed.

Does 815Gateway support pppoe?

Yes, it supports pppoe, as well as static ip and dhcp.

Can I put 815Gateway in a virtual machine?

It is technically possible to put 815Gateway in a virtualized environment, but this is only recommended for small deployments. When the number of subscribers or bandwidth increases, it is ideal to be able to optimize the use of the hardware to the maximum, for this we need direct access to it, which is not possible in a virtual environment.

Does 815Gateway invoice?

815Gateway is a network and bandwidth management system. It is not a billing system, but it allows easy integration with other existing billing systems. Today it is already integrated with more than a dozen systems, you can also integrate your own using our API if you wish.

Does 815Gateway support cgnat?

Yes, it does several types of nat, and it complies with the standards to guarantee the optimal functioning of applications and services. The cgnat can be of the dynamic or static type. A dynamic distribution methodology is used, to use the addresses in an equitable way.


Can 815Gateway guarantee bandwidth?

Yes, 815Gateway has several options to guarantee, reserve and share bandwidth, as well as to implement different policies to optimally manage competition between users.

Does 815Gateway support traffic quotas?

Yes, the system gives you the possibility of working with monthly transfer quotas, so that if any user exceeds them, you can be automatically notified, modify the assigned bandwidth or make some other commercial decision.

Does 815Gateway provision fiber equipment?

Yes. Contact us to see if your equipment is on the list of approved equipment, or to plan the development of a new integration if necessary.

How many subscribers can I serve per team?

This depends mainly on the selected hardware capabilities. As a general rule, it is desirable to separate into two equipments when above 4000/5000 subscribers.

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